Available in two sizes – Classic and mini – LELO Beads are quite a unique set of Ben Wa balls. Each set comes with 4 balls of different weights so you can wear one at a time, or mix and match for the ultimate sensation. Within each ball, a small weighted sphere will swirl around as you move for a subtle sensation that acts as the ultimate discreet foreplay!

LUNA Beads Classic & Mini


Review: LELO Beads

“When I move around, I’m definitely conscious of a subtle movement inside of me. This is due to the small inner weight knocking the sides of the shell. I originally expected to feel a vigorous tapping, but in reality I get a subtle, light tapping. It’s noticeable, but not distracting. When this happens, I don’t feel my body massively clench or anything, but I’m content that my PC muscles are doing little micro-clenches on a regular basis. I know this because, when I take these balls out, my PC muscles are ready for a break.”

“The LELO LELO Beads are pretty awesome. They’re pretty, they’re customizable, they’re body-safe, and they’re functional. If you’re guilty of peeing when you sneeze, or if you have trouble having orgasms, or if you want better/easier orgasms, or if you’re just plain curious about Kegel balls, this set is a very solid choice.”

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Product Review: Revisiting The LELO Beads

“If wearing it casually around and about you’ll also feel it jiggle from time-to-time and this may cause you to clench out of curiosity (or excitement) providing further intermittent training.

The second reason this feature is good is almost equally significant: It feels damned good. Kegel exercises may be important but they can also seem like a chore (or like they’re not doing much in the moment). By adding a playful jiggle, kegel exercises with the LELO Beads become something that you look forward to, and can actually reap immediate sexual benefits from (in the form of arousal and the fun of having a little secret inserted that no one else knows about).”

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LELO Beads Original – Pleasure Panel Review

“You’ll want to wear these beads when you have errands to run, stuff to do around the house, or even during a workout. The more you move, the more you’ll feel! ”

“The LELO Beads Original is an excellent kit for anyone looking to get into progressive kegel training. They’re pretty and functional and everything you’d want from your first set.”

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Review: LELO Beads by LELO

“Once I stood up I could feel the weights moving inside of me. I was pleasantly surprised how they moved and didn’t make any noise. It was amazing how quickly my muscles grabbed to them and held the beads in. I didn’t have to do any of the work, my muscles were doing it for me. They felt really comfortable and natural inside me. After walking around with them in I knew I was hooked. After having the beads in for a few hours I was feeling very happy and noticed I was making little small expressions of pleasure every time I got up, moved, or walked. ”

“On the second day of use I was still amazed at how awesome the beads felt inside me. They moved with every step I took around the office. Even just getting up and down out of my chair felt so good. ”

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